About Open Source Stash

Hey 👋

Adithya Shreshti here, thanks for checking out Open Source Stash aka OSS

OSS is built for makers, marketers or designers or anyone else who are just starting to explore a way to create something of their own. Using Open-source helps you start
without worrying about costs or privacy and you will be in control of
your personal info.

What makes Open Source Stash different?

Quick Snapshot: You can quickly get an idea about the tool through a short intro and how it looks without navigating away from OSS.

Universal Search: To make things easy as a pie, just search a keyword and relevant tools show up instantaneously, you need not go through tens of pages or hundreds of products to find the one you need.

Categories: Pick a category out of 23+ categories or sort through them to find
something specific.

Open to contribute: Want to get something added to this stash as a user of a wonderful open-source tool or as someone who has built/created it? Just submit the details here and you will see it on the site within 24 hours after review or hear back from us incase we need more details.

Why did I create this?

We usually end up looking for some shiny product while starting a project only to be skip it after we get to know the costs required to setup, manage or use them.

As someone in the marketing/creative background I initially thought Adobe illustrator is the only tool for design but it is not, there are alternatives like GIMP that are free
and open-source. I wouldn’t have known about this until someone mentioned about
this initially during my career.

So inorder to help people discover such open-source tools, I thought the easiest way to share my Google sheet is by putting together this site and making it easily
accessible for everyone.

Is OSS open-source?

No, it isn’t but I am open (pun intended 😉) to share how it is setup. Read on…

I have Zero coding experience and that’s one of the reasons I started exploring the
No-Code ecosystem a few years ago. Open Source Stash was totally built using something that I would like to call as the NoCode Stack

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